Immune system recognition leads to immune responses

In this article, I briefly explain the occurrence of immune responses after recognition by the immune system. Immune system and its strategic program There are innumerable cells of our immune system disseminated throughout our body. When our body is under attack from any foreign invader, the biggest task is to search for the precise cells … Read more >>

Peptides and proteins with their distinguishing properties

In this article, I briefly explain the peptides and proteins with their distinguishing properties. Proteins Proteins are the most abundant biological macromolecules present in all cells in many varieties. In a single cell, thousands of different kinds of proteins are present. Peptides and proteins are the polymers of amino acids. In every organism, the proteins … Read more >>

Cytokine families and their functions

In this article, I briefly explain the cytokine families and their functions. Cytokines The proteins that regulate the communication between various components of the immune system to run it efficiently are known as cytokines. These proteins interact with their receptors on a target cell, and induction of a variety of responses is initiated. An immune … Read more >>

Types of Memory T cells and their mode of action

In this article, I briefly describe the different types of memory T cells and their mode of action, along with several surface proteins they express. Memory T cells In a secondary lymphoid organ, in the zone of T cells, when a T cell is engaged with a dendritic cell for one or two days, it … Read more >>

Susceptibility to Autoimmunity- Men or Women?

In this article, I briefly describe the susceptibility to autoimmunity in men and women and compare between the genders. What is autoimmunity? Autoimmunity arises when an organism produces its immune response against its healthy cells and tissues. This type of immune response leads to autoimmune diseases. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, Addison’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and … Read more >>

Regulation of adaptive immunity

In this article, I briefly describe adaptive immunity and its regulation. Adaptive immunity and its disparity with innate immunity The adaptive immunity is marked by an antigen-specific response, depending primarily on B and T lymphocytes. When a pathogen attacks and invades a body, the adaptive immunity gives a response within a week, unlike innate immunity. … Read more >>